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Juliette Touge

About me

I have been drawing by hand and using a computer since the age of three. In the future, I want to go to Gobelins school and make animated films. In the meantime I draw, I train in anile drawings and I do some translation work into English under the supervision of my American mother who works for major publishing houses and museums around the world. I am perfectly bilingual French / English and I am a student in English license. I master the technique of the graphic palette as well as the editing programs and video effects. I made short cartoons alone with hundreds of drawings and a few pages of comics.


Film d'animation 2mn30


The word "manga" is also sometimes used to designate, by extension, a non-Japanese comic book respecting Japanese popular production codes or to name, by metonymy, other visual products reminiscent of some of these comic books (cartoons, graphic style, etc.).


Initially considered as a sub-genre of literature, or a minor art compared to painting, and intended above all for children, the comic strip gained from the 1960s a legitimacy as such. Its authors exhibit, sell original plates as other artists can, festivals attracting thousands of visitors are devoted to it, like the Angoulême international comic book festival inaugurated in 1973 in France and recognition in as much art is granted to him whether by awards as was the case for the comic book of Art Spiegelman Maus rewarded by the Pulitzer Prize in 1992 or by exhibitions in museums.

Digital Art

The term has become familiar: digital art or digital art comes from the American "digital art", the digital being the minimal computer unit, as the pixel is in the digital image; the physical ancestor of the pixel is the point, which is found in both Signac and Lichtenstein. Digital art includes everything that can generate an animated or fixed image by computer: photo, video, artificial objects and constructions, virtual beings, cartoon or projections controlled by computer, computer mixes ... whether the works are generative or interactive with the viewer.

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