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Pierre-Alain Touge

About me

I carried out reports, documentaries, direct satellites and broadcasts for large French and American television channels. Versatile artist, I am able to take charge of all phases of video production from writing to post-production.
Whether you are looking to develop content or need a simple technical service, I can help you realize your vision. 
Since the internet started, I have been passionate about making dynamic and animated websites that use the most modern coding platforms. Now retired I limit myself to video editing and website manufacturing.


"When you know what you want to do, it goes without saying"



Research and documentation is essential for any fiction creation project or not. This allows you to define what the camera will see and not what you imagine. Then we go to writing to define the angle from which we will treat the subject. A treatment does not only define a story but composes a harmony and perceives the colors of the film in relation to the story.



The purpose of this approach is to understand that it is for the author to master several dimensions at the same time and to translate into writing the expression of what we will see on the screen. The same story can be very different depending on whether it is treated from a social, historical or literary angle. The concept of the message to be processed must be precisely defined.



The French language designates by the same term montage three distinct operations on the "raw" material of the shooting. A material operation (we cut and paste images). A stylistic operation (we write the film by composing the direction and the rhythm of the work). A semiological operation (two successive planes create conceptual and symbolic relationships).



Our websites are the art of our time because they are virtual objects as can be books or tables. The Internet is not only another "medium", as the old media insists, but above all a "space" that can be found at any time in the written press or television, the presence of which is short-lived. Everything that can be found on the web has a physical presence.


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